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Armenia demanded from Russia and the CSTO to provide military assistance

The Prime Minister of Armenia has officially turned to the CSTO for help.

A little earlier, Russia officially refused to deploy its peacekeeping forces on the territory of Karabakh without appropriate coordination with Azerbaijan, and for this reason Yerevan began to demand that Russia fulfill a number of obligations.

“Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he asked to start consultations to determine the assistance that Russia can provide to Armenia. The press service of the Armenian Foreign Ministry reported. “Taking into account the facts of encroachments on the territory of the Republic of Armenia when approaching the border of the Republic of Armenia, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia appealed to the President of the Russian Federation with a request to start immediate consultations to determine what type of assistance the Russian Federation could provide to the Republic of Armenia,” the statement says. message. In the letter, Pashinyan refers to the agreement on allied relations between Russia and Armenia in 1997, as well as to Art. 2 Agreement on friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance of August 29, 2006 ", - about it сообщает information agency "RBK".

Experts believe that against the background of an official appeal, a meeting of the CSTO working group will be initiated, however, what kind of decision will be made on this matter is unknown.

At the moment, there are no statements from the official Kremlin, but experts draw attention to the fact that Russia can ensure the deployment of its forces on the territory of Armenia, however, the issue of ensuring security in this case is unlikely to be resolved, since Azerbaijan does not strike directly at the territory of Armenia, and the Russian side does not recognize the existence of the NKR, and therefore, the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh will not be protected by the Russian military.

In Volgograd, Armenians killed

And that Armenia was ever a cordon against the penetration of terrorists into Russia, does it border on us?)) Or maybe Armenia helped us in the fight against terrorists in the Caucasus or Syria ... not either)) Terrorists were leaking through Azerbaijan and Georgia, then they will continue to leak bypassing you)) And everything you have - the Armenians boils down to your wishes - "help with weapons, but in fact give it for free, or bring in peacekeepers, and in fact fight for you" That's what you want, never, not than, not supporting Russia !!

Correctly. Let the Armenians go and fight or pay for the war from my own pocket. Our boys should not die at the moment when they sit in the stalls

As it got hot, they decided to scare us with Turkey.
Do you have a national holiday on September 21 "Independence Day" from whom, from Russia? So enjoy your freedom and independence.

If the shelling of Russian border guards and the injury of these border guards is not enough, if Aliyev's recognition or even "spitting" is not enough, if the reports of Russian journalists are few, I do not mean the reports of the official media of Armenia, then of course this is not that.
If in Russia they think that this is only a matter of Armenians, then of course this is not enough, only then they don’t say where the jihadists came from? Although, if I am not mistaken, the office of mass media and not only reported that they are already operating in Khabarovsk, Dagestan, Volgograd, Chechnya. If this is not enough, then of course yes.
If someone thinks that all this, the war in Artsakh, will bypass Russia, then yes, this is not it.
If straight Aliyev and Erdogan, two brothers, entered into confrontation with Russia, this is not enough, then yes, this is not that.
If someone thinks that the West will end the war in Artsakh for the sake of Russia, then yes, this is not enough.
And there is no need to bring in Russian soldiers, you can only support them on external and internal political platforms and help a little with modern weapons.
It's my opinion.
Best regards

Russia needs to unilaterally withdraw from the ODKB as we received a slap in the face and a spit in the face Armenians trampled flags, burned Russia the US Embassy, ​​one of the largest in Yerevan 2500 people, this is how to understand Russia that in order to wipe its feet on it once the Armenians called Russia occupants and they want the Russian base not to be, so don't need to, I have one question, don't delete the author, there are 3 million Armenians in Russia, of which there are 80 divisions for a million men, even if a third goes and throws off money from the Armenians, most of the many, what kind of weapons they want to buy and protect Karabakh, if they don’t do it, then they will have to say goodbye to Karabakh, and possibly to Yerevan, they don’t feel sorry for their homeland.

Our border guards already exist on the territory of Armenia, and they can be strengthened. And Karabakh is not a member of the ODB and no treaty obliges us to send troops there.

Turks are allies of Putin. And they were and always will be enemies to us! We fought with them more often than with everyone !!!

I do not quite agree. Our leadership is simply not eager to send Russian guys to slaughter because of the stubbornness of the Armenian leadership to compromise with Baku.

I agree. But our management only cares about the gas cabin. A shameful time for our history. It's my opinion.

As it got hot, the ares remembered about Russia. But what about "Russia-occupier"? Ary, and whose Crimea, by the way?

news provocation. Read attentively. ASKED but not demanded ...

When the terrorists come to your home, and the Turks take the Caucasus, Tatarstan and Bashkiria away from you, we will see what tone we need to ask for help. Of the 146 million population of Russia, 40 million are Turkic-speaking peoples. Brave pug.

By the way, the CSTO is not only Russia, let them demand from Kazakhstan, for example. What they will be told interestingly.

Great Russia has nothing to waste on trifles, who is Armenia, and no one, and Turkey is our strategic ally, the straits for us are much more important than Armenia

And did someone attack Great Armenia?

"Armenia demanded from Russia and the CSTO to provide military assistance" next news "Russia officially responded to Yerevan's demands: there will be no military assistance to Armenia" - apparently the "greats" asked in the wrong tone.