Shot down a drone


Armenia threatens to shoot Israeli drones

Armenia begins to shoot down Israeli drones.

At a press conference in Yerevan, Lebanese Foreign Minister Elias Abu Saab said that official Beirut is ready to provide Armenia with all the information that will help destroy Israeli drones invading the country's airspace from neighboring Azerbaijan in the sky above this state. .

“Armenia and Lebanon have similar challenges. Armenian borders also periodically violate or threaten to violate unmanned aerial vehicles. In this direction, we share intelligence information and experience in order to protect our countries from similar or other attacks. ””, - the channel“ 9tv ”conveys the words of the Lebanese Foreign Minister.

What specific experience we are talking about is unknown, but it is noteworthy that Israel previously categorically rejected the combat losses of its drones over Lebanese territory, which indicates that Beirut has already mastered the defeat of Israeli drones penetrating the country's airspace.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan is actively using Israeli UAVs, including for reconnaissance over the territory of Armenia, however, the most effective means of struggle may be the acquisition by Armenia of the Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile defense system for fire suppression of drones.