Armenia will deploy NATO troops on its territory and take part in anti-Russian military exercises

Armenia has decided to deploy NATO troops on its territory.

Despite the help provided by Russia in the settlement of the conflict in Karabakh, it became known that Yerevan does not at all seek to develop good relations with Russia and plans in the near future not only to take part in NATO military exercises "to contain Russia", but also to provide countries NATO the possibility of deploying military personnel on its territory in the immediate vicinity of the Russian borders.

This information follows from the program of NATO military exercises "Defender Europe 2021", in which, along with other countries, Armenia will take part.

According to Russian military journalist and analyst Alexander Kharchenko, Armenia is committed to conducting such exercises as part of NATO, despite the fact that the maneuvers will be directed directly against Russia.

“When will they ask you why Russia didn’t send its troops to Karabakh? Or did you not send the most modern weapons free of charge? Just show them this picture. Armenia participates in openly anti-Russian exercises. Their goal is to practice the transfer of American divisions to the Russian border. It is high time for the political and military leadership of Armenia to decide with whom to step into the bright future. A strange alignment turns out, on the one hand, Turkey is an enemy for Armenia, and right there, the Armenian soldiers, shoulder to shoulder with the Turks, will help the Americans to land in Europe ", - noted the Russian journalist, drawing attention to the participation of Armenia in the exercises of the North Atlantic Alliance.

So far, there are no official comments from Yerevan on this score, however, the exercises should begin as early as next month, as a result of which the Russian side may well demand an explanation from Armenia regarding such behavior directed against Russia.

This is pure propaganda of Azerbaijan, there will be no NATO in Armenia, Aliyev will spend a lot of money on propaganda,

Why isn't there my comment?

N the policy of neither Putin nor Pashinyan is understood ?????


So much the better, after all, Turkey and Armenia will not be able to exist side by side, which contributes to the build-up of cracks in the NATO bloc, soon NATO will cease to exist and then Russia will be untied

That means selling weapons to the enemy of Armenia, Azerbaijan is a friendly step, then silently watching how Turks, Azeris and Syrian militants are being killed in Karabakh is also a friendly step, and taking part in NATO exercises in which the Russian Federation will be an observer by the way is behavior directed against Russia ... A joke, and more!

Another fake?

Who would doubt that.

Are you interested in the level of knowledge of the language or the meaning of the answer ?! Silly objection ... you seem jealous that Turks like to speak without an accent ...

And why not, because Russia is a friend of Armenia and Azerbaijan, the first interests of the country are:

These hai imagined themselves to be a "great power". Calm down who you are compared to the superpower - Russia. Who needs you besides Russia? Where would Armenia be now if not support from Russia? They make up all sorts of nonsense like the one that Russia betrayed them. Azerbaijan conquered the territories occupied by Armenia, and if in 30 years you could not build a normal army, agree on a peaceful outcome of the current situation, then who is to blame? Russia again! And you are lying about the Turkish special forces and the Syrian militants. Azerbaijan liberated its territories by its own army.

The Russian language is clearly not yours)))))
as usual, the Turk slyly fills the Russian about love and friendship ...

you help yourself lie under the Turks, did not Maria Zakharova announce friendship and brotherhood with a NATO member Turkey yesterday ... as in 1921, you will again give Armenia away to its enemies, the Kremlin itself threw Armenia and now organized propaganda to justify its disgusting

and if Russia itself announces friendship and brotherhood with a NATO member Turkey and is going to donate Armenia as a bribe as in 1921, then what's the difference

And what did they want, well, if Russia announces friendship and brotherhood with NATO member Turkey and its six, then what is the problem. As many investments as there were in Turkey were not in any of its North Caucasian republics, not counting Chechnya ... well, let's tell that they invested in Armenia ..... Russia turned Turkey into a monster that 100 years ago, with the help of the RSFSR injections, destroyed the Armenians of the Greeks of other small nations, received half of Armenia on a silver platter as a gift from the RSFSR and now the same policy continues, and without shame and conscience Maria Zakharova in a place to apologize to the Armenian people, talks about the great friendship and brotherhood with Turkey in connection with the 100th anniversary of the treaty between the countries, forgetting that this friendship is based on the blood of another brotherly people, at the expense of the homeland of the brotherly people who believed and trusted Russia and in return received only betrayal and destruction ... but I will remind you that these gifts were made to Turkey on the condition that it became part of the USSR, and Turkey not only did not enter, but oh during the Second World War she was on the side of the Nazis and is now a member of NATO ....... so the rulers of Russia will repeat everything and this time the monster you raised will finally reach you ... and we will watch more we will not allow flirting with our enemies at our own expense ... Russia supported the corrupt leaders of Armenia for all 20 years, who corrupted both Armenia and the Armenian society, stole the property of Armenia, presented all strategic objects to Russia, because it was beneficial to Russia, so that there was a weak, weak-willed Armenia, so that at any time to dismember and give Turkey to Azerbaijan as a bribe, etc. ... constantly they looked at scenes of jealousy towards Armenia, they talked there, despite the fact that Armenia is the only republic that is located in all pro-Russian associations and alliances, and even under the Pashinyans, she did not abandon any of her obligations, the only one from the ODKB that went with the Russian army to Syria ... and the fact that Azerbaijan has been worn with a NATO member for 30 years and other Western countries, no claims ..... Orthodox Russia considers Turkey and Azerbaijan to be its friends and brothers ..... Turkey protects the entire Muslim world, paving roads to connect everyone and speaks openly about it, and Orthodox Russia throws Armenian Christians Greeks Georgians as well as 100 years ago ...

Russia is reaping what it has sown ...

What nonsense. That is, Armenia will let its army of Turkey, a NATO member, enemy number 1 of Armenians and Armenia (Azerbadzhan-peshka) enter its territory. That is, Turkey's dream of conquering Armenia completely will come true. Think first, then write nonsense.

1. What are the benefits of Great Russia with such a scandalous Nazi as Armenians?
2. Why we do not want to look at the future, friendship between the people of Turks and Russia, the fact that they wanted to be friends. Is that why the Armenian does not want?
3.It's a shame, such a small monorepublic is screwing Russia up with a deceitful policy
4. Isn't it time to open your eyes?

I wonder where the Russian helicopter was hit?

The war was fought on the territory of Azerbaijan, recognized by the whole world! Not a single shell fell on Armenia !!! And therefore Russia had no right to interfere, despite Pashinyan's repeated pleas.

I thought your fake page was not writing. The Ministry of Defense of Armenia has already denied this false and pro-Mongadian information. So you can unsubscribe from you!

It's time for Russia to curtail charitable activities in foreign countries, I think, otherwise it turns out too bold, and eat the fish, and treat it ... to see how these unfinished stretches and how long until they pray to their gods ... will be ... Russia is a generous soul ... help anyone but not yourself .. and that would be good, only the benefits of this as a goat of milk, read all this news, even if it is "tinted" in a yellowish color, you can understand that no one needs our help .. there are a number of countries with which we get along well with them and it is worth cooperating, the rest are "home" to solve the problem with the "iron not turned off", someone will say they say we are connected with those countries by treaties there and so on .. " do not give a damn "exactly the same as on their part on us .. to be easier .. no need, okay, then you will figure it out without us .. let them make fun of each other there.

All Russians from Armenia and all Armenians from Russia. What will happen? And it will be fine.

from NATO from the former USSR. nothing good happened.

Armenia will not take part in any exercises, it has already been announced today. And you kharchenko, think what you say

An elephant shouldn't follow a pug

Yes, officials have already denied this information a hundred times.

In the "span". Once again. Kazakhs with Uzbeks go there too.

And what will happen if an Armenian quarrels with a Turk on the street, and a Russian passes by, whom will he help in the conflict? Personally, I know this by 146%. And you? So don't write nonsense!

It is Russia that needs to determine the way of life with Armenia. Or with the Turks and Azerbaijan

Right. At this time, the leadership of Armenia is completely traitors to the interests of the people.

And the fact that NATO in the form of Turkey is stationary in Azerbaijan no longer worries anyone? Armenia has been participating in the "partnership" program in various events for 10 years already.

Well, it seems they fought on the territory of Azerbaijan, so the Turks could be there quite legally. Nobody invited Russia there.

And who creates peace between Turkey and Azerbaijan, and Russia also builds a station in Turkey, despite the fact that Turkey is an enemy of Armenia with Azerbaijan, it is time not for Armenia to decide, but Russia to decide whether they are with Armenia or against Armenia

I totally agree, it's enough to be good for everyone.

How Russia helped Armenia you do not know a lot and write nonsense and let the base be taken to Azerbaijan to whom you helped. The Turks gave good friends for the Azeris and drones gave, led, the Turkish special forces took part, they drove terrorists from Syria whom Russia wets there and this whole horde against a small country has a friend who is a coward or a toady

For Russia, the most reliable, real friend. This is her fleet and army.

Not Armenia, but the leadership of Armenia captured by the saboteurs of the Turkish intelligence service MIT

There was no point for the Russian intelligence agencies, with their mouths open, just to sit and watch as foreign enemy intelligence services (including Turkish ones) are pushing their agent into the Armenian leadership - the enemy of Russia, saboteur Pasha oglu (under the pseudonym Nikol Pashinyan). This, if you open parentheses, is a direct complicity to the enemies of Russia.

The Russian leadership is to blame for this! There was no need to surrender his last ally to the Turks. 44 days Azeri, Turkish special forces, Syrian terrorists attacked the Armenians in an endless stream, bombed cities and villages, and not only in Karabakh, but in Armenia itself, Russia not only did not fulfill its obligations before Armenia, but simply sold its only one an ally, and then what to udevat? Russia decided to turn Armenia into its vassal, in such a situation it is quite normal for Armenia to look for a new ally. If they did not wait for help from Russia. (((

Does anyone imagine what will happen if a Russian quarrels with an Armenian on the street, and a Turk walks past, on whose side and against whom he will stand, or a Russian quarrels with a Turk on the street, and an Armenian passes by, whom will he help in the conflict? Personally, I know this by 146%. And you?.

Dollars and euros will decide everything, how to respect those Armenians who are for Pashinyan, hypocrisy, but only the whole politics on money, and Russia is really in flight?

This once again suggests that you should not lend anything to anyone. And even more so. Whoever promises more will be sold.

Another Russian base will be transferred to the Americans. You don't need to build anything. But we must strictly demand from the Armenians full compensation for all our assistance.

They weren't really surprised ...
I think, under other conditions, they will move shoulder to shoulder with the Turks and the Azeris in orderly ranks.




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