Has Armenia decided to abandon Russian weapons?


Has Armenia decided to abandon Russian weapons?

Armenia can abandon Russian weapons in favor of NATO weapons.

Despite the fact that six months have passed since the end of the armed conflict in Karabakh, Armenia decided not to rush to acquire Russian weapons, paying attention to the armament of NATO countries. So, according to the data presented, the Armenian Defense Ministry expects to acquire NATO short-range air defense systems, as well as electronic warfare systems, capable, albeit at very limited distances, to effectively fight unmanned aerial vehicles, since Russian weapons, according to the source, “could not recommend ".

According to the data at the disposal of the Avia.pro source, over the past six months Armenia has not made orders for weapons from Russia, however, a rather serious problem for Yerevan is the fact that NATO weapons have been little tested, moreover, such weapons are quite expensive.

The specialist notes that Yerevan has already stopped several times, acquiring foreign weapons at inflated prices, which were destroyed in the conflict in Karabakh in the very first days, and therefore, Armenia does not want to risk, however, Russian air defense systems, electronic warfare systems and tactical missile weapons also demonstrated low efficiency in the conflict, which, by the way, is not necessarily associated with the weapons themselves, but with the banal lack of experience of the Armenian military.

Who has experience of war on 21st century technology?
It is strange that Armenians who graduated from Russian universities do not know how to do anything, but the Russians themselves can do everything, even without experience. By the way, the events in Syria showed that the Russian Federation had a very difficult time and the minimization of damage was achieved with blood and losses of equipment. So this argument is past the box office.
Another thing is that Armenia does not even have the funds to buy Russian weapons, most of which were received for free, as well as training in Russian universities. Will the Diaspora want to sponsor the corrupt officials of Armenia for tens of billions of dollars? Not in this life. So wait, soon the Armenian delegation will arrive at the gold-domed one with its eternal repertoire: for Christ's sake.

What kind of weapon would they want and buy, who cares? Advertise Russian weapons the same as advertise Lada Priora

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Because these are not their lands! Because they are not normal !!!!!

All strategists from the leadership of the banana trading countries cannot understand that any purchased weapon of any country is effective only if there are trained specialists who know how to use it. Therefore, for the Russian Federation, the sale of weapons is a business and the presence of Russian sophisticated weapons does not mean that the natives who bought them will be able to control them and that by buying Russian weapons this country will be able to destroy any enemy.

The preparation was poor, there were no specialists and they did not take it seriously, and the enemy was very well prepared and knew what he was doing. And Russian weapons are power!

There is no need to save Azerbaijan, but Russia has been saving Armenia for the third century. What you did in cities and villages in Karabakh once again proves that you are the savages. Because normal people will not allow themselves that. You shout that Karabakh is yours. Then why was everything so brutally destroyed? Can a normal person do this at home?

Any modern weapon must be able to use. For this you need to learn. This is not a scale to deceive customers.

Please, this time it is better to save Azerbaijan.
Oh, and by the way, thanks for the savages

Russia has already ate "Bush's legs" and "Rollton", got drunk on "Coca-Cola" and "Yuppie" ...
And she began to eat her own, better quality.
With weapons - the same.
Yerevan, it seems, is starting this path, and does not want to look at the experience of others.
It is a pity that the illiteracy of politicians is paid for by the lives of the boys. They, stupid, did not have time to grow up.

What weapon do not give to savages, it will still be a stick. Weapons are worthless without specialists. And when they start cutting them again, then again RUSSIA Will have to save and our guys will die.