Armenia shot down Azerbaijani Mi-8 from Osa air defense missile system - first video appeared

Azerbaijan's Mi-8 helicopter was shot down by the Osa air defense missile system

A few hours ago, a video appeared at the disposal of the news agency, which captured the moment of the destruction of the Azerbaijani military helicopter Mi-8 from the air defense missile system. "Wasp". Up to this point, it was reported that the helicopter could have crashed due to a technical malfunction, however, video footage indicates that the rotorcraft was successfully knocked out.



In the presented footage, you can see that practically nothing prevented the detection of the Azerbaijani military helicopter - the latter was not covered by the terrain. This is the only controlled aircraft of the Azerbaijani Air Force, destroyed during the conflict on the territory of Karabakh.

It should be noted that the losses of the Armenian side during a relatively short armed conflict turned out to be much greater - according to official data, one attack aircraft was lost in the ranks of the Armenian Air Force (according to unofficial data, 5 combat aircraft).

It should be emphasized that according to official data, the Azerbaijani Air Force lost a significant number of An-2 aircraft, but the latter were controlled in an unmanned mode.