Tank destroyed


Armenia destroyed Azerbaijani T-90 with artillery strike

The destruction of the Azerbaijani T-90 was captured on video.

The Armenian Armed Forces managed to successfully destroy the Azerbaijani T-90 tank, which was moving towards Karabakh in order to take part in clashes in the region. As a result of the hit of a large-caliber artillery shell, the tank was not only destroyed, but also the turret of a heavy armored vehicle, considered today one of the best tanks in the world, was blown off.

On the presented video frames, which were at the disposal of the news agency Avia.pro, one can see the consequences of the work of the Armenian artillery during the Karabakh conflict. As it turned out, the Azerbaijani side tried to hide this loss, especially since it occurred on the territory of Azerbaijan itself. According to the "Hay Wave" Telegram-community, in addition to the tank, the Armenian artillery also managed to destroy other equipment.

It is known that the video was filmed in the Jabrayil region of Azerbaijan, however, there are no official statements on this score from the Azerbaijani defense department.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the Azerbaijani side carefully conceals its losses in the armed conflict. The actual number of destroyed military equipment and casualties among military personnel may be much larger than those given in official reports.

They knocked out 1 tank in 44 days and are happy.

It is far from the fact that this tank is our tank! And in any case - in war, as in war, there is no loss of life. People are fighting, not equipment, and I will just remind you of the 10 vaunted zinvors who deserted from combat positions!

Another Armenian fake!

Look at the ruins of the village in the shot, this is not the rear ... these are the former occupied territories that have been liberated.

another Armenian lie. Apparently, the Armenians cannot stomach the bitter defeat during the 2nd 40-day Karabakh war, which ended in a terrible defeat for the Armenians. This is one of hundreds of destroyed Armenian tanks

This is a destroyed Armenian tank. Look at the uniforms of the military.