Armenia staged a provocation against Azerbaijan under Russian flags

The Armenian military staged a provocation against Azerbaijan under Russian flags.

The Armenian Defense Ministry staged a large-scale provocation against Azerbaijan using Russian flags, which hit not only the reputation of the Russian military, but almost led to targeted attacks by Baku on the Russian military airbase in Gyumri. For this reason, Armenia may generally lose Russia as its ally, and in addition, such actions of Yerevan may lead to the exclusion of Armenia from the CSTO.

According to sources, the Armenian military not only raised the Russian state flags on the border with the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, but also went with them to attack, which not only provoked the Azerbaijani military to strike, but also set Russia up. One of these episodes got into the photograph, and this greatly affects the reputation of Moscow.

"In Yerevan, they probably do not understand that if Baku perceived such an attack as Russia's actions against Azerbaijan, then a missile strike could have been launched against Gyumri, and in this case Baku would have acted completely legally.", - the analyst notes.

Official Yerevan has not yet commented on such a provocation against Azerbaijan, in which the Russian military was under attack, but the situation could worsen very seriously, especially against the background of the fact that Baku accuses Russia of supplying weapons to Yerevan, although Moscow completely denies this.

This is a rotten fake), Azerbaijan is not a problem for the forces of the Armenian Armed Forces, and the Armenians will not involve anyone

What are you talking about, in the Krasnodar Territory there are about 80 - this is 90% Russians, Armenians there 3-5%

Such an act is a cowardly act. Real horsemen don't fight like that. Never! This shows cowardice and deceit. If this is not a fake, then such warriors can not be afraid. The Russians never unfold their banners on an offensive, but only in defense or to indicate their presence on the spot.

The attempt of Armenia, as a member of the CSTO, to artificially involve Russia in the military conflict is understandable and once again shows the treachery of the Armenians!

It looks like it will be

This is also the strategy of the Syrian government. Don't be surprised if Yerevan fires a missile at the Russian base in Gyumri, blaming Azerbaijan.

This is just the beginning! Armenia will substitute Russia. Give the term, you will see the separatists of the Armenians who will demand the sovereignty of the Krasnodar Territory, declaring these lands "primordial Armenian territories." Your children will fight with them. For the territorial integrity of Russia