Armenia: 5 Russian Tor air defense systems destroyed in Karabakh

Armenia has criticized the Russian air defense system "Tor", claiming its uselessness.

In Armenia, active criticism of Russian weapons began, which could not provide effective protection of the airspace, simply not seeing its goals. According to the Armenian military, these latest anti-aircraft missile systems are completely useless even against unmanned aerial vehicles.

“In this conflict in Karabakh, the Armenian air defense forces, equipped with the Russian system, showed poor results and failed to provide effective air defense cover to the combat forces, which led to frequent and successful attacks by Azerbaijani drones. The Tor anti-aircraft missile system, which is the newest Russian air defense system, demonstrated poor results. SAM "Thor" of the Russian army was tested on the battlefield in Syria. Such a missile system could easily destroy the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 UAV, but when the same weapon was used in Karabakh, it turned out to be completely ineffective. UAVs of the Azerbaijani army destroyed 5 complexes of the "Tor" system ", - about it сообщает Chinese news publication "Sina".

The loss of five Tor air defense systems testifies to the fact that these air defense systems really failed to prove themselves, especially considering the statement of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense about only a small number of lost drones.

The S-300 Favorit air defense missile system, which not only missed the attacks of Azerbaijani Su-25 attack aircraft, but were also destroyed by conventional drones, proved to be far from the best.

Oh really? Who has no doubts? Even Azerbaijanis did not announce about 5 destroyed Torahs. There was one destroyed in the garage.

The fact of the low efficiency of the Torah is beyond doubt. This complex can also work in automatic mode, so there is no need to blame the Armenians for allegedly poor preparation ... otherwise we have a good excuse for all cases, justifying the stupid Torah

It's just that no one knows about the untimely and irrevocably lost tens from -1000.

The loss of five complexes of the "Tor" air defense missile system does not testify to anything other than the fact that Armenia either was not prepared for war, or just does not know how to fight at all. Everything.

there, apparently in Armenia, all the military of the "highest level of training" looking at their "successes" in battles ..

It's all about the gasket. Between the steering wheel and the seat ...
They put Khachik Arturovich in prison and think that the equipment will do everything for him?

and they tried to turn them on, or they turned off all the radars

what is the Afghan army doing in Karabakh)))

That's not all, according to reliable Chinese and American data, several more c500 complexes and one c600 were destroyed

And what does the Afghan army have to do with it?