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Armenia spoke out against CSTO assistance in case of conflict in Ukraine

The Prime Minister of Armenia spoke out against intervention in the conflict in Donbass.

Armenia does not intend to join the assistance to the CSTO countries in case of escalation on the territory of Ukraine. The data on this subject were announced by the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, stressing that Yerevan is holding consultations with both Russia and the West, but intends to act on the basis of national interests.

“The situation around Ukraine is tense and it seems that it is heating up day by day and, of course, the situation is explosive. Naturally, we are concerned about this situation and we share our concern with our international partners, with partners from both the CSTO and Western partners. In the event of an escalation in Ukraine, Armenia will be guided by its national interests. But we hope that the situation will not reach an armed clash.”, - said Pashinyan.

Pashinyan's statement did not receive any clarification, however, it is of serious concern, since in the event of a real full-scale armed conflict in Ukraine, the territories of countries such as Russia and Belarus will definitely be attacked, but, for unknown reasons, Armenia intends to act solely on the basis of from their own interests.

Experts do not exclude that such a statement by Pashinyan may be due to the fact that the CSTO countries did not react to the situation in Armenia, when the territory of this country was attacked by Azerbaijan.

with such friends and enemies is not necessary.

And what about Pashinyan's shikoko divisions?

How can this not help our brothers, parents, that is, our ancestors, what to do with history, am I wrong, but this Pashinyan probably forgot or didn’t have any, he thereby betrays history.

they only know how to sell us tomatoes ...

It is strange to hear about the lack of assistance from the CSTO in the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. Is this the territory of Armenia or has Armenia officially recognized this territory as independent from Azerbaijan? Answer if you can.

Marshal of the Soviet Union Bagramyan enough or not?

Nobody expects anything else from these cowards and traitors. And how Azerbaijan - "RUSSIA SPASIIII!" ,Yes? A couple of years ago, down with the Russian occupier. Russia left and how are you? did you like losing your children in a senseless war that won't even be written about in textbooks? ... why don't you love us so much, we considered you brothers. And you don't even stand back to back with us...

First of all, the title doesn't really match the content. Each country, of course, is obliged to proceed from its own interests, which does not mean that the interests of Armenia and Russia are opposed. Secondly, Russia has not yet been attacked and he has not yet asked for the CSTO. Fourthly, the CSTO is actually the same Russia, and the role of Armenia, like the rest, is negligible here.
And finally, where and when did Pashinyan speak?

. Why am I not surprised?

Artur Jan, who attacked the state of Armenia?

where does the Donbass and the CSTO? Have Armenians become completely illiterate? Or do they think that Ukraine will attack Russia?

You can’t write rude words about commentators here, otherwise they won’t see them, so fantasize yourself. I turned the Russian media around, that’s how they wrote about Russia’s obligations to provide military and political assistance to Armenia, so it’s funny to hear about an absolutely similar conflict of waiting for Russia’s support (of course, it means primarily political). Develop your thinking a little and learn to read the entire text, and not individual sentences. It is obvious that Armenia values ​​partnership relations with Ukraine, Europe and the USA; therefore, following the example of her “ally”, she should take an “equidistant” position. True, it hurts my eyes, I understand ... but about a suitcase without a handle, well, this was obviously written by a genius of political science and a professor of geopolitics, not otherwise.

frankly, for Russia, Armenia is a suitcase without a handle. nominally an ally, which is actually closer to NATO, the fifth column, again, recently there was a story about a Russian military man, an Armenian, spying for an unidentified state.
Who there appreciates the military and economic assistance of Russia or believe that they are owed for an active role in the collapse of the Union?
Arturchik, are you aware that all these problems of Karabakh and Donbass and Ukraine and Armenia are the result of your own actions or are you not aware? It was not the Azerbaijanis, but the Armenians who blew up the Union, you simply do not deserve the support of Russia

This is when the Armenians dragged chestnuts from the fire for Russia!???? Don't wait for help from you. run to Russia yourself when it "burns" in one place!

Is there any sense from Armenia in the CSTO? And there - "consultations with Western partners." Bargain conditions where to attach the powerful 100 military units.

Remind! This is when Armans died instead of Ivanov? ..

All right. It is our business to defend Russian lands and Russian people. There is nothing else to do there.

for them, Russia is like a milk cow, they proved it long ago, there are many good people among their nation, but this is only 5% of the entire nation, mostly bandits, grabbers and freeloaders. Unfortunately

Such friends to each other. Both Russia and Armenia.

Arthur, by your analogy, the Armenian peacekeepers should have been in the Donbas for a long time, but they probably got lost ...
Throwing big words, but in fact, it is you who want us to want this, but we want something else, listen to Slepakov ...

Hmm, didn’t shells fall on the territory of Armenia? That is, the residents of Donbass have the right to determine in which state they live, but the residents of Artsakh do not? Donbass, you yourself did not recognize, why fight for it? The CSTO is a defensive alliance, no one claims the territory of Russia. Do you want the Armans to die instead of the Ivans? For Armenia to carry chestnuts from the fire for you? Still to paraphrase the propaganda of a number of interested Russian media? Traitors who sell their real allies for the sake of relations with, to put it mildly, unfriendly states, for some kind of state or rather even personal financial benefit, do not even have the right to stutter about help themselves.

So, did the CSTO help him?

Life hangs by a thread, but thinks about profit, although how else, after consultations with Western partners ...
Wai wai wai, how are we going to deal with hordes without hundreds of brave Armenians now ...
Although this is for the best, because it is foolish to hope for someone who did not help his own in difficult times as best he could.