Artsakh Army


Artsakh army breaks ceasefire in Karabakh for the second time

The Artsakh army again refuses to fulfill the terms of the peace treaty on Karabakh.

Despite the stabilization of the situation in Karabakh, the Artsakh army and the volunteers who went to the front refuse to leave the Kelbajar region, for the second time breaking the agreements between Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Initially, the Artsakh army, military units of Armenia and volunteers were supposed to leave the territory of the Kalbajar region by November 15, however, the agreement was disrupted - the President of Azerbaijan allowed to extend the withdrawal of military units until November 25, however, judging by the fact that in this area until now the military remains, the situation may lead to the breakdown of all agreements.

"In connection with the difficulties encountered by the Armenian side and proceeding from the principles of humanism, Azerbaijan decided to give additional 10 days to Armenia for the withdrawal of the Armed Forces and civilians from the Kelbajar region - the date of the transfer of the region of Azerbaijan is now not November 15, but November 25"- Hikmet Hajiyev, aide to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, said earlier.

According to experts, for Azerbaijan, the failure of the terms of the agreements may become a key moment for the complete takeover of the territory of Karabakh, since in fact, the trilateral agreement in this case is violated.

“The problem is that Artsakh now does not want to fulfill the agreements signed by Pashinyan, who actually surrendered the NKR territory. It is logical to assume that this could lead to new clashes in the region, especially given the fact that several thousand Turkish military are concentrated here ", - the expert marks.

It is not known how many units of the army of Artsakh and Armenia are still in the territory of the Kalbajar region.

Not a weapon, but a means of defense.

the army of Artsakh is a pea jester. this army did not even have 10 tsch. Armenia was at war. And even then with the help of Russia. Without her, they have zero chances. I hope they will not leave there and we will return all the lands that remained by force. And then the Russian MCs goodbye.

There is nothing to be surprised at! The agreements passed without them! So let those who negotiated comply!

After a fight, they don't wave their fists. They had the opportunity to organize a defense. Since Pashinyan is to blame, then deal with Pashinyan, and do not set a precedent for full-scale hostilities by Azerbaijan. If the Armenians think that Russia will fight for them, then let them not dream. Peacekeepers are not that in Karabakh.