Armenian army going into large-scale counterattack caught on video and amazed the whole world

Video footage of a large-scale counter-attack by the Armenian army appeared on the web

Just a few hours ago, the relatively small army of Armenia was able to surprise the whole world with its incredible counterattack, which had not been used for several decades. Despite the rather serious losses, the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Armenia rushed into a large-scale offensive and successfully attacked the forces of Azerbaijan, forcing the latter to capitulate, which delighted the world.

In the video footage presented by the Russian Spring news agency, you can see how, after artillery preparation, several thousand servicemen of the Armenian army rushed to attack a strong point with good protection, and with relatively small losses they were able to completely capture it, forcing the servicemen of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces to surrender.

The key moment of the Armenian military's counterattack was the fact that such attacks have not been manifested in the conditions of modern clashes for several decades, which simply delighted the world media and users of social networks.

“This is incredible! With heavy losses, the army rushed to the enemy, forcing him to retreat. It looks like World War II "

"Nothing of the kind happened for decades, but even being demoralized, the military launched an attack on the enemy's fortified point."

“Perhaps not a single country in the world, with the exception of the post-Soviet era states, has used such tactics. It seems incredible, but they still captured the Azerbaijani base. "

It should be noted that Baku has not yet commented on the loss of control over one of the largest regions.

They would have gone on the attack in formation, foot to foot. I wish we could admire their courage that since the time of Kutuzov they haven’t gone on the attack like that :)

Nonsense of Armenian radio. The onset of several thousand on video cannot be captured. In general, you cannot remove what was not