The Indian army began to use kites to spy on the Chinese military

India is conducting reconnaissance in China with the help of birds of prey, with cameras attached to them.

In fact, living "UAVs" can stay in the air for very long periods of time, fly along the required route, and fly at high altitudes, often inaccessible to commercial drones. The cost of such a "drone" is only about $ 80 - that's how much a camera with a transmitter costs, which allows you to conduct reconnaissance of the area in high resolution from the head of a kite.

In China, they tried to ridicule such Indian "weapons", however, in reality, due to natural camouflage and a number of other features, the use of such methods of reconnaissance is more than effective and is hindered only by the domestication of birds.

However, birds of prey are not only used for espionage. According to the Eurasian Times, they are also used to attack small drones. It is noted that in this case, the Indian military additionally works in conjunction with dogs - the dog warns the military about the approach of a commercial drone by the appropriate noise, after which the Indian military releases kites, which attack the drones, which has already been repeatedly tried.


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