Chinese army sends over XNUMX armored vehicles to Wuhan to quell anti-COVID and anti-government protests

The Chinese army began to suppress the riots in Wuhan.

After the number of protesters in the Chinese city of Wuhan increased significantly and the Chinese police ceased to control the situation in the city, the PRC authorities decided to send troops to Wuhan. Video footage and photos of the mass transfer of armored vehicles to Wuhan appeared on the network. According to local residents, we are talking about more than a hundred armored cars and armored personnel carriers, which are likely to be used to suppress protesters and enforce a quarantine regime in the city.

In the video footage, you can see how tractors pull dozens of army armored vehicles into Wuhan. The equipment is unarmed, however, it can be used to suppress the protesters, whose number in Wuhan alone has already exceeded 80 thousand people.

Initially, the citizens of the PRC were extremely categorically against the anti-COVID measures introduced by the authorities, however, later there were calls for the overthrow of the government. This, according to analysts, may indicate that the protests in China are fueled from outside.

To date, the number of protesters in China has already exceeded 300 thousand people. At the same time, protests are taking place in various regions of the country, and, quite remarkably, even beyond its borders.


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