Russian military in Syria


The Russian army has blocked the American military in Syria for the first time in a year

The Russian military did not accept US arbitrariness in Syria.

After a few weeks ago, the American military began to show its activity in the eastern and central part of Syria, and American military aircraft, according to some media reports, began flying near the location of the positions of the Russian and Syrian military in the southern part of Idlib province, the Russian army prepared the United States a very tough response to such actions, for the first time in a year, completely blocking the movement of an American military patrol. The incident occurred against the backdrop of so far unconfirmed information that Washington intends to break the agreement with Moscow on Syria.

According to information available to the editors of the news agency, the US military violated the existing mechanisms for preventing conflict situations and moved without prior notice to the Russian side in the area of ​​the city of Tell Tamr. Because of such actions by the United States, the Russian military escalated and not only blocked the convoy of the American armed forces, but also forced the US military to turn around and leave this territory, noting that it was under the control of the Russian and Syrian military, and further movement in this direction could be regarded as a threat and aggression.

It is known that the United States did not dare to go to the conflict and therefore, after a conversation with Russian officers, they decided to voluntarily leave the area.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the actions of the United States clearly indicate that Washington really intends to withdraw from the agreements with Russia on Syria, and, obviously, in the very near future.