The US Army received the first M10 Booker tanks


The US Army received the first M10 Booker tanks

The Pentagon announced the arrival of the first production model of the M10 Booker light tank, intended for operations as part of airborne units. The new product, developed by General Dynamics Land Systems, has already begun to be delivered to the 82nd Airborne Division, based at Fort Liberty, North Carolina.

The M10 Booker is a mobile, protected firepower platform that combines the performance of a main battle tank with significantly less weight. Its weight is only 35 tons, which is 28 tons lighter compared to the heavy Abrams M1A2. The Pentagon signed a $1,14 billion contract for the delivery of 96 such machines in June 2022.

The equipment includes a 105 mm cannon capable of using cumulative fragmentation and armor-piercing sabot shells, as well as a coaxial 7,62 mm machine gun and an additional 12,7 mm machine gun mounted on the commander's turret.

The tank can reach a maximum speed of up to 65 km/h with a cruising range of 480 km. The M10 Booker's design allows it to be transported by air, greatly expanding its operational capabilities in various theaters of war.


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