The Armenian military left the Kelbajar region of Karabakh - now it is the territory of Azerbaijan

Armenia has fulfilled its part of the treaty on the trilateral memorandum.

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia has completely withdrawn its military personnel and equipment from the Kelbajar region, liberating this territory, in connection with the date of its transition to the sovereignty of Azerbaijan. According to unofficial data, Yerevan fully complied with the set conditions a few hours before the specified date.

The military infrastructure located on the territory of the Kalbajar region was completely destroyed.

"The Armenian military blew up the buildings of the military unit, leaving the Kalbajar region passing under the control of Azerbaijan at midnight", - the Russian news agency "RIA Novosti" informs about it, publishing the corresponding video.

Nevertheless, all the same sources report that on the territory of the Kalbajar region there may be forces of the Artsakh army, which, according to the terms of the agreement, must also leave the territory of this region, which may well lead to a new clash, since the security forces of the self-proclaimed republic refused recognize the current agreement between Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan.

Kelbajar has never been a territory of Karabakh