Iran’s attack on a British ship in the Persian Gulf. First details

The reasons for the seizure of a British oil tanker have become known

Last night, according to British and American parties, Iranian warships attempted to seize the British oil tanker The British Heritage. As follows from the data presented, the reason for this was not at all the actions of the British military, who had previously captured the Iranian ship Grace 1, but a violation of the territorial waters of Iran, and twice.

According to the information provided by the Telegram Community Gallifrey Technologies, before entering the Strait of Hormuz, the British oil tanker The British Heritage twice invaded the territorial waters of Iran, along with it, the Iranian border crossed and the accompanying warship ( initially a group of two warships was reported - ed.).

However, according to some sources, the British warship opened a warning fire on Iranian ships, and therefore the latter were forced to retreat.

It is noteworthy that, according to the information of Great Britain, three Iranian military boats participated in the attack, while Washington reports five warships. It is reported about the available video of the attack of Iran, but at the moment it was not presented.

Earlier, Iran threatened Britain with retaliatory measures to seize its oil tanker Grace 1, promising to seize a British ship on its borders.