The attack of Israeli F-16 and F-35 on the Russian C-400 was not left without consequences

The attack of Israeli F-35 fighters on the Russian C-400 in Syria has received new details.

A few days ago, Russian and Western information resources reported that Israeli F-35 fighters carried out a successful imitation of an attack on the positional areas of Russian S-400 air defense systems located at the Khmeimim airbase and not far from Masyaf, and, according to experts, thanks to a similar attack, the Israeli Air Force managed to bypass the Russian S-400 during the strikes on the Syrian capital.

It is known that in addition to F-35 fighters, F-400 fighters took part in simulating an attack on Russian S-16 - they all checked the operation of Russian air defense and anti-ballistic defense systems, and. Obviously, they learned to successfully circumvent Russian air defense, being from them only 150-200 kilometers. It is noteworthy that the same Israeli F-16 fighters, which previously had opposed the Russian C-400, took part in the attack on the Syrian capital.

“Having checked the reaction of Russian C-400 to the appearance of fighters in relative proximity to them, Israel got all the necessary information about flight routes and safe altitude, hiding behind the mountainous terrain on the border of Lebanon and Syria. During the so-called exercises, not far from Russian bases were electronic reconnaissance aircraft, which could well track the reaction of Russian C-400. ”- said the analyst

It is good when the enemy is confident in impunity.

Avia, do you read what you write?
You have one thing in one article, and in the other you almost refute what you wrote in the first article.

They carried out IMITATION and then from around the corner - without entering the area of ​​responsibility With 400 !!! But they didn’t get the result - were they TRIPPED RZK?