Explosion in Syria


The attack on the convoy of Turkish troops in Idlib hit the video

A column of Turkish military equipment was blown up by a mined car.

An attempt by the Turkish military to secretly transfer their troops and military equipment to Idlib was thwarted by another terrorist group, which was able to blow up a Turkish armored car and one vehicle of pro-Turkish militants using a mined car. Initially, it was assumed that the attack was carried out using rocket fire, in particular, it was about the use of anti-tank systems.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of the explosion of a mined car, when one of the Turkish armored vehicles was passing near it. As a result of the attack of the terrorist group, two Turkish soldiers were killed, and five more received various kinds of injuries and wounds. The vehicle itself of the Turkish army was completely destroyed.

Today in Idlib there is a confrontation between supporters and opponents of the arrival of the Turkish military. In this regard, numerous partisan movements were even organized, which regularly, as it turned out, carry out attacks on the Turkish military.

Experts do not exclude that the resistance forces in Idlib and terrorist groups can provide quite serious support to the Syrian government forces, including through attacks on the Turkish military and pro-Turkish groups.