Attack on Russian armored personnel carrier in Syria - the latest details

Details of the attack on a Russian military convoy in Syria have emerged.

According to Syrian sources, the attack on the convoy of the Russian military and the attack on the armored personnel carrier of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were carried out using a UAV, which, under mysterious circumstances, was not jammed by electronic warfare, and it was the drone that allowed the attack to be carried out successfully.

It is reported that the drone actually carried out the conduct of the Russian military and at some point allowed an armored personnel carrier to be attacked, as a result of which the combat vehicle received serious damage, and three Russian military personnel in the armored personnel carrier received various kinds of wounds.

“The Kataib Khattab Ash-Shishani group has again announced the release of the video. This time, the gang published a banner based on a photograph taken during a terrorist attack against a Russian-Turkish convoy. This is a new image of the explosion, made, judging by the angle, from the UAV of the militants ", - the "Telegram" -channel "Bulletin of Damascus" reports.

Why the Russian military did not ensure their own security in this region using electronic warfare equipment to protect against drones and remote detonation of IEDs is unknown, however, at the moment the situation in the SAR is very seriously aggravated.