We crossed the Atlantic two Russian bombers.


We crossed the Atlantic two Russian bombers.

28 October two Russian missile carriers Tu-160 went to the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean. They rose above the Volga Gulf and flew towards Latin America. At the time of being over the neutral waters of Norway, they were watched by fighters F-16.

After a successful flight, the pilots returned to the airfield of the basing. They overcame thousands of kilometers, stayed at the air bases of states, fulfilled training tasks over the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic. The road home from Latin America took 15 hours (including refueling).

"The long-range aviation has fulfilled all the questions concerning the flight over an unfamiliar terrain - over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea," says Alexander Khabarov, commander of the air squadron Tu-160, "We now know the Caribbean Sea by heart."

Flyers meet wife next to the aircraft. This is exactly the case when the flowers give their husbands. After such a flight crew can relax. Time is - day, then again service new challenges.

This flight has once again demonstrated that Russian aviation is capable of performing missions at different points of the earth.


The flight is impressive. Another fact, the Aviation of Russia is again in "form" and is combat-ready at 100%. The flight was certainly with landings and a long one, but this is the first flight and training.