Emergency landing Bek Air


Emergency landing of aircraft "Bek Air" has been associated with a manufacturing defect

Experts released the cause of «Bek Air» hard landing of the aircraft.

After careful consideration of all the circumstances of the plane crash landing occurred March 27 Kazakh flights shedule «Bek Air», the experts were able to determine that landing without landing gear occurred due to construction-technical defect, admitted during the production of the aircraft Fokker 100.

Information and news agency Avia.pro clarifies the fact that the disaster at the airport of Astana was avoided only thanks to the high level of professionalism of the crew members who were unable to prevent the aircraft roll, and successfully carried out land "on its belly".

Experts do not exclude that in the near future aeronautical services can go check the functioning of systems in other civil aircraft, although it is important to note the fact that, in reality, from such defects can not be insured virtually no plane.