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"Air Group" under the sanctions. Who will suffer as a result?

"Air Group", which is the creator and Gennadiy Timchenko airport "Sheremetyevo", Came under US sanctions. This was announced by the US Treasury website.

The company started in 2006 activities associated with the creation of the Center of Business Aviation and the construction of related infrastructure. In December 2011 was the launch of the new terminal, which will be responsible for business aviation.

The list also hit sankitsonny "Avia Group Nord", one of the owners who is also Timchenko. This company provides services to passengers of private aircraft on the basis of the CDA (Center for Business Aviation), which is behind the St. Petersburg terminal "Pulkovo-2».

While the US authorities are expanding the list of Russian companies that fall under the sanctions do not suffer from their owners or the Russian government, and ordinary citizens. So, for example, due to the imposed sanctions will significantly increase the price of tickets that hurt the wallets of ordinary people, not by Timchenko, whose fortune is estimated in the billions of dollars 15.


Kuznetsov Dmitry specifically for Avia.pro


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