Attack militants


The airbase in Syria was partially destroyed by a militant attack. Satellite images. Video

The military airbase in Syria received enormous damage.

Militants who attacked a military air base in the west of Syria, were able to successfully carry out an attack using multiple launch rocket launchers (MLRS). According to preliminary data, 20 missiles were fired at a military airbase, which resulted in significant damage, as demonstrated in satellite images.

The satellite images show that as a result of strikes using multiple launch rocket systems, the runways of the military airbase were damaged, and the strikes caused a fire, which also led to the destruction of the military airbase actively used by the Syrian air forces to attack the militants.

Among other things, it is known that the attack on the military airbase in Syria was made by militants supported by Turkey, as evidenced by the previously appeared video on which you can see. that the terrorists have stripes in the form of the Turkish flag, which is one of the few proofs that Turkey may be involved, including in the attack on the Russian military Khmeymim airbase.

Tales of the Turkish identification marks on the uniform is a trick to embroil Russia with Turkey. An ordinary trick.