Novokuznetsk Airport


Flights from Moscow to Novokuznetsk increased in price by almost 3

Fly from Moscow to Novokuznetsk was at times more expensive.

According to the portal, at the very beginning of June, the flight From Moscow to Novokuznetsk Passengers will be much more expensive, in particular, those who intend to fly on this route, will have to pay 80 thousand rubles (for a flight in the forward and backward direction - ed.), And such a significant rise in price will last only until the end of the first decade of the future Month.

It is important to clarify that the rise in the cost of air tickets for Moscow-Novokuznetsk flights is connected with the organization of the international exhibition "Coal of Russia and Mining", however, experts believe that an increase in the frequency of flights that would not affect the interests of passengers would be much more acceptable.