Aviation company "Yamal" will replace Boeing aircraft on Airbus


Aviation company "Yamal" will replace Boeing aircraft on Airbus

04 March 2014. Aviation companyYamal"plans to replace its air fleet. The company gives priority to aircraft Airbus A320... In the near future there should be more than twenty of them, while Boeing 737 will remain in the amount of four units. Then "Boeings" will be completely decommissioned.
According to Vasily Kryuk, general director of ATK Yamal, the operation of Airbus is much more practical in comparison with Boeing. 

"Unfortunately, Airbus also has drawbacks. Although the manufacturers of these airliners claim higher frost resistance parameters, in fact, these aircraft have certain problems at low temperatures. The Yamal Aviation Company is probably the northernmost on the globe, and it collides in the last time with just such difficulties. "

"At other northern airports in the world, conditions are completely different, airplanes are provided with ground handling. This is not the case in Russia, the car is not in a hangar, but in an open area, and this is a difficult test for the water supply system, electronics and other aircraft equipment." - He said.

The aviation company is considering the possibility of a new option - Russian aircraft development MS-21Which called on the world market analogue Airbus. Start using it first copies and certification, according to preliminary data, scheduled for 2016 year.

Now the aviation company "Yamal" uses nine Airbus A320 / 321, Nine Boeing737 liners, ten CRJ200, two L410 And one Challenger850.




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