Israeli aircraft intensively bomb Gaza Strip

Israeli ground forces, with air support, are actively continuing the ground operation in the Gaza Strip. Over the past XNUMX hours, they have focused on destroying weapons depots, firing points and tunnels used by militants. Infantry units, operating under the cover of armored vehicles, carried out raids in the city of Khan Yunis and in the Jabaliya refugee camp. Information was received from the Israeli Defense Ministry about clashes during which dozens of militants were eliminated.

In addition, footage was published on the Internet showing the detention of Palestinians by the military in northern Gaza. The Israeli side suspects these people of involvement in the Hamas movements and Islamic Jihad (recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia - editor's note). On the other hand, the authorities in the Gaza Strip say that Israeli aircraft struck a local hospital in Jabaliya, and also report the shooting of civilians by Israeli security forces in the same area.

At the same time, the Israeli leadership expresses concern about the situation in the north of the country. The Ministry of Defense is seriously considering the possibility of a military campaign against Hezbollah after the end of the operation in the Gaza Strip. In a recent incident, militants fired at a car with an anti-tank missile, killing an Israeli settler. In response to this, the Israeli Armed Forces launched retaliatory strikes.


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