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United States Air Force is experiencing difficulties with the pilots in the State. sector.

US aviation is experiencing difficulties with pilots in Gos. Sector.

Aviation USA offers great bonuses to pilots to keep them in service, but pilots do not take them. The budget adopted at 2014 limits flight hours and the ability to control the next generation of aircraft in the civil service, said US Air Force Secretary Eric Fanning.

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In the summer of 2013, the US Air Force began offering bonuses to pilots in the amount of 25,000 $ in the form of an annual allowance as an incentive to stay in service. "But pilots do not take money," Fanning said at a summit in Washington. "The main reason is that for active pilots it is very important to have certain hours of raid so that the craftsmanship remains at the proper level."

"The pilots want to fly!" Fanning said. "Next year is also expected wave of cuts and forced to send the pilots to retire. In view of this, they open up new opportunities in the private sector."

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At the same time, the "Budget Control Law" will affect not only flights, but also investments in New aircraft platforms. "All of these actions will have bad consequences, and incentives with bonuses will not change the situation much," Fanning said. "This is just bonus compensation, and it will not help keep people in the public sector."

In the current situation, the budget for US Aviation involves fairly large cost reductions. These actions will help reduce budget cuts in the aviation sector.

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And I understand people who want to work and not getting a tip nepoymi incomprehensible why. They did not trade for the sake of learning handouts. A limitation on the number of flight hours - a drop of professionalism. Well done boys!