Reconnaissance drone


US aviation has become closer and more likely to fly at the Russian borders

The United States increased the number of reconnaissance flights along the Russian borders

As is known from the data of Western aviation resources, since the beginning of April, twelve flights of American reconnaissance aircraft have been registered near the Kaliningrad, Pskov and Leningrad regions. This confirms the fact of an increase in the number of reconnaissance flights of the US Air Force from the western Russian borders, and we are talking only about those reconnaissance aircraft that moved with the included transponders.

The next flight was recorded on the nineteenth of April. On this day, the reconnaissance mission at the western borders of Russia was carried out by the strategic drone of the US Air Force RQ-4B Global Hawk. The drone took off from Sigonella airbase, located on the island of Sicily (Italy). Having flown to Estonia, he made a flight near the borders of the Pskov and Leningrad regions, doing reconnaissance for almost an hour and a half.

Then the drone left the Estonian airspace and moved into Lithuanian airspace. He operated reconnaissance flights here along the territory of the Kaliningrad region for four hours. Scout-drone flew at an altitude of about 15,5 kilometers. Sometimes he was in 35 - 40 kilometers from the Russian border.

Somewhat earlier, the newspaper of the Russian Ministry of Defense "Krasnaya Zvezda" reported that in a week the 22 flying reconnaissance aircraft were seen near the Russian borders. Most of them belonged to the USA. Russian fighters four times rose to intercept possible border violators.

The Russian Ministry of Defense notes that recently reconnaissance flights of planes and UAVs of foreign countries have become more frequent not only at the Russian borders. More often, they began to appear in Russian objects located abroad.

The greatest intensity of flights, mainly of US aircraft and drones, is noted over the Baltic, near the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory, as well as near the Russian military base in Syria.