Aerospace forces bombed four jihadist field camps in Syria in 10 minutes

Russian military aviation destroyed up to a hundred Syrian jihadists in 10 minutes.

A few days ago, marks appeared on the Web about the places where jihadists are being trained in Syria, there are large warehouses with weapons and the headquarters of the militants. As before, the Russian military aviation quickly reacted to this data and successfully struck - about a hundred militants could be at the sites of Russian bombers' attacks, most of whom were guaranteed to be destroyed.



According to the Last Defender Twitter account, which published a video of the strikes, the information was received by the Russian Aerospace Forces from representatives of the Wagner PMC, although in reality, judging by the marks on the maps, the data was collected by the REVERSE SIDE OF THE MEDAL community , who is quite closely cooperating and working with private military companies around the world, at least this is indicated by the relevant information published on November 27 in Telegram.



In the video footage presented, you can see the first moments after the air strikes inflicted by Russian bombers. It is not known which aircraft took part in the air strikes, however, it was suggested that, as before, the Su-24M front-line bombers operated.