Aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces struck twice a day in the area of ​​the Turkish military in Syria

Russia began to strike at territories with the Turkish military.

Russian military aviation, against the background of the additional escalation created by Turkey in Syria, began to strike at the regions of the SAR, where the Turkish military is stationed and the Turkish long-term military operation "Olive Branch" is being carried out. According to Syrian sources, just over the past day, Russian fighters and bombers twice bombed areas with the location of the Turkish military. This indicates Russia's readiness to oppose any actions of Erdogan in the Arab republic.

The day before, sources of the news agency in Syria reported that Russian bombers, under unknown circumstances, attacked the area of ​​the "Olive Branch" operation conducted by Turkey (directed against the Syrian Kurds - ed.). It was assumed that the strike could be associated with attempts by the Russian military to eliminate a key figure of the pro-Turkish jihadists, however, around midnight, new air strikes by Russian military aircraft fell on the zone of the military operation.

It is known that the first strikes were launched by Russian planes on the area of ​​the Basufan settlement, located in the Aleppo province. The attacks reportedly took place near Turkish military positions, but Turkish-backed jihadists were the key target.

In the midnight area, attacks were also carried out on the forces of Turkish jihadists near the village of Basil (Aleppo province), which, in fact, are the main group fighting against the Kurds in northern Syria.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the strikes of Russian military aircraft are a reminder to Ankara that Turkey does not have any rights in Syria and, if necessary, the Turkish military will have to urgently evacuate from the Arab republic or incur losses.