VKS blows


VKS aviation destroyed 25 units of militant armored vehicles

For several days, the air force aviation deprived Syria's largest terrorist group of all armored vehicles.

The large-scale offensive operation in Syria ended for terrorists "Jaysh al-Islam" (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - approx. Ed.) Total defeat. In just a few days, the Russian Aerospace Forces aviation managed to destroy 23 from 25 heavy armored vehicles of one of the largest terrorist groups in Syria - militants lost about 2 thousand people in less than a week.

According to social networks, referring to informed sources, before the start of the large-scale offensive operation, the Jaish al-Islam terrorists had 25 units of heavy armored vehicles in this region and contained an army of approximately 2,5 thousand people. Nevertheless, in just a few days, the militants suffered large-scale losses - only two units of heavy armored vehicles and about 500 fighters remained on their weapons.

According to unconfirmed reports, against the backdrop of a large-scale defeat in the region, the Jeysh al-Islam militants intend to announce their dissolution.

It is high time they cleaned them up and liberated the army for other affairs, for in the east the oil fields occupied by the sub-pods were left. It doesn’t matter when Syria cannot earn.

keep it up.