Russian fighter


The aircraft of South-East Military District will receive new military equipment

The Air Force of South-East Asia will be replenished by 50 with new aircraft.

50 modern aircraft and helicopters will be transferred to the aviation of the Southern Military District, while all equipment will be equipped with powerful weapons, which in turn will enhance the security of the country's borders, and prevent possible interference in the affairs of the state.

The aviation portal became aware that the Su-27SM3 and Su-30SM fighters will be supplied to the Southern Military District, bombers Su-34, modern Su-25СМ attack aircraft, as well as a number of military helicopters, including Mi-28, Ka-52 and others.

At present, the Russian air force is intensively replenished with modern flying equipment, which in turn underscores the good combat readiness and the ability to repel any aggression from outside. Among other things, in the near future, the production of strategic Tu-160 bombers will be set up, which will further strengthen the position of the Russian Federation Armed Forces in the world.