Pacific Fleet aircraft armed with modernized MiG-31BM

The pilots of the Pacific Fleet have tested modernized MiG-31BM

In the mixed aviation regiment of the naval aviation of the Pacific Fleet, new upgraded high-altitude fighter-interceptors MiG-31BM arrived, and the regiment's pilots made the first flights on these machines.

As commander of the information department of the press service of the Eastern Military District for the Pacific Fleet commented on Captain Second Rank Nikolai Voskresensky, commented, the crews during the training flights practiced the performance of pilotage in pairs. Voskresensky stressed that all the declared characteristics of supersonic interceptor fighters were confirmed.

The upgraded aircraft were put at the disposal of the Pacific Fleet in February of this year. When carrying out repairs and upgrades at the factory, the machines were replaced by avionics, radio electronic systems. Improved tactical, technical and combat capabilities of fighters.

During 2019, naval aviation will receive several more MiG-31BMs that have been upgraded.