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Avidiboshire will be allowed not to sell air tickets

Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation made an amendment that would allow airlines to refuse to sell tickets to rowdy.

In fact, this means that Russian airlines will have the full right to refuse passengers who have previously seen a violation of the rule of law in air transport to purchase tickets for flights. Experts believe that such a measure will be sufficiently effective to counter the offenses on air transport, however, the bill itself should be more carefully worked out, excluding from it the possibility of violating the rights of other citizens.

On the other hand, it remains unknown how exactly airlines will be able to obtain information from the registry about the offenders.

It is not necessary for Aviadeboshiram to be allowed not to sell tickets, because this means that ticket sellers are rowdy themselves, and Aviadiaboshira will not sell air tickets or Allowed not to sell airshow companies flights!