Thomas Cook Airlines Airline


Aviateboshirka beat passengers and crew of the British airline

A passenger of a British airline beat several passengers and threatened the crew with brutal reprisals.

According to the British edition of Manchester Evening News, when carrying out the flight with Thomas Cook Airlines, one of the passengers began to behave inadequately, in particular, pestered other citizens, and after the flight attendant warned a woman of the inadmissibility of such behavior board, the woman struck the stewardess, and went to the cockpit, threatening the crew commander with violence.

Thanks to the joint actions of the crew members and the help of passengers, the violent citizen was seized and immobilized, however, even after she was tied up, she continued to shower with threats from all who were on board.

Subsequently, the woman was arrested, and according to the court’s verdict, she was punished in the form of community service for 250 hours and a fine of £ Pounds.