The plane crash in Algiers


Air crash in Algeria: plane crashed with 200 servicemen

In Algeria, a military transport aircraft Il-76 crashed.

Tragic news comes at this moment from Algeria, where today the military transport plane Il-76 crashed. According to preliminary data, the aircraft belonging to the Air Force of Algeria transported servicemen on its board, and if initially it was said that at the time of the tragedy there were about two dozen people in the plane, then after clarifying the information it became known that in reality, transport carried at least two hundred servicemen.

The plane crash involving a military transport aircraft Il-76 took place in the north of Algeria - when taking off from a military airbase in Bufarik, the aircraft began to drastically lose altitude, as a result of which it fell only a few hundred meters from the runway.

Algeria has not commented on the number of dead and injured by the authorities, but taking into account the personnel presented, it is likely that there are no survivors in this terrible plane crash.

Local news agencies reported that almost all nearby roads were blocked to provide access to rescue services and ambulances.