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Air crash in Slovakia: 7 people were killed, about 30 wounded

When two aircraft crashed in Slovakia, 7 people were killed.

The incident occurred today near the border of Slovakia and the Czech Republic, while, according to the incoming portal information, the number of victims may increase, since on board two sports planes there were about 40 people, most of whom were seriously injured.

The specialists who are currently working at the site of the tragedy report that the planes were to assault a group of paratroopers, however, during the flight, the pilot of one of the sports planes, for reasons unknown at present, deviated from the course, which means that in the literal sense rammed another plane.

According to the first information received, the cause of the disaster could have been a control failure, and attempts to regain control over the aircraft turned out to be very tragic. An investigation is underway into the incident, while the police do not exclude that citizens of other countries who had specially arrived for the mass jump could be on board.


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