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China Airlines carried a quarter of the world's population

Chinese air operators for 2015 year have transported a quarter of the world's population.

Such a report was made on the eve of a representative of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, who noted that in 2015, China's air carriers carried out 3,62 million flights, which carried about 1,8 billion people, which brought airlines multi-million dollar profits.

In addition to the fact that the PRC has a tremendously large passenger flow in the world, experts also note the fact that air travel performed by Chinese air operators is very safe - since 2010, it has not been possible to record a single incident with the death of passengers, which in turn indicates hard The rules established for Chinese airlines by the authorities of the country.

For comparison, the information resource notes that Russian airlines for the year could carry out the transportation of only 93 million people, which is almost 19 less.


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