Russian Airlines began a "dirty" fight with the leak of pilots

Russian airlines have chosen a sophisticated method to combat the outflow of pilots.

After the Federal Air Transport Agency of Russia stopped responding to the PRC's requests for confirmation of pilot certificates, the People's Republic of China began to operate along the Bermuda Islands, however, the air carriers of the Russian Federation made a rather unusual decision, in particular, the airline "Russia" intends to prepare a letter to the authorities of Bermuda With a request not to confirm the testimonies of Russian pilots.

Such a policy can be quite effective, however, experts call this approach "dirty", especially if one takes into account the fact that wages of domestic pilots do not increase, while conditions become more stringent.

Yes, he can sleep from 14 hours 5-8 hours, and poom 6 of such flights and he has 84 hours flying those 15 days and chicken bamboo - leave until the end of the month if there is no prolongation (as before called prolongation in the summer to 100 hours per month of flying time ) Those are one more flight. All pilots died directly ....

75-80 hours is a month, he worked as a conductor, a normal person 8 hour working day, those in 2,5 more than a month, the driver's work is much heavier, and there you will not turn away and stop for a second, and you will not have coffee either. You will not have lunch on the fly on autopilot. There are inefficiencies, time zones, various harmfulness, but the body gets used to resting for 2-4 months. But 350-500 000 also does not receive a lot of money a month in Russia (business earns but gets here). Training at us costs on the order and can and more than more cheaply than abroad. Introduce protective payments 10-20 million rubles (abroad it will work for 1-1,5 years or the commander of the ship must fly at least 7-10 years and the other pilots also.) And do not need to cry about the loads, it is an order of magnitude smaller than the one driven or on the conveyor , And also all sorts of benefits for harm. We need to protect our market not with bans, but economically, we are not to blame that the population's population is 20-35 000 in the regions, not 350-500 000 as for the flight crew

Ruslan, I will tell you more, almost all planes are registered in Bermuda, Ireland, the USA and repair and inspection of an air vessel on the territory of Russia are all done only according to their requirements and documentation, and the Rossaviatsiya can not even get into it and check.

Well, look who rules in AK Russia, some Transaerovtsy, just like in Transaero they produce vacancies and for their relatives and friends. In the Center department there is already a boss and Zam a subordinate does not exist.

Fly yourself ...

I completely agree, the attitude is boorish, the accountant is ruled, there are no concepts about flying work. And s / n fell at times ...

I would have followed the purchases with the company, wasteful as in Transaero !!!

Pilots are great, they do it right. If Russia is not interested in its staff, then here is the result.

Are you a pilot? If not, then go flying and then boast of a salary, like a deputy. For this reason I run, that the normal schedule and salary do not correspond to reality. Nurses from us, too, get 60 000 rubles do you believe?

I realized that I said that I compared the salary of pilots and deputies. And the work and responsibility of the deputies, too, at the limit, sky-high?

I did not understand. Our airplanes, and Bermudian documents. Maybe it's time to put an order

It's not even about the money itself (although this is important). It's a boorish (!) Attitude of the command, inability to plan flight work and weekend schedules. But the worst thing is that you are forced to fly on the "limit of strength", increasing sannorms!
After 75-80 hours of raid, the pilots are half asleep and slow to go !! Especially fatigue is quickly recruited on short flights. It is not for nothing that in the Soviet era, hard targets were set, both monthly and per year. The same rules apply in other countries. And for violating them, the security services are cruelly punished by airlines. And we .... Saveliev and others .... friends of GDP and they are all forgiven.

This time of salary for pilots in Russia is not a bad fact, and they are paid on time and (stably), they just get off the country with the tension in the country! And when everything in the country normalizes then they come running back

You have the qualification of a janitor in comparison with them, do not envy, but learn!

Ivan, and you imagine their work, how they fly in 10-14 hours, bring you tourists. Rest between flights is not respected as it should be. You sleep at home, and they are in an airplane or in hotels. Correctly do that go !!!! There it is known for what you work and put health. According to statistics, the pilot in retirement lives on average 5 - 8 years ....

Schweinen not when do not change!

Our pilots get our deputies and even more and everything is not enough.

While managers will stand at the helm, and not specialists, nothing good will happen. To disrupt aviation because of the immediate benefit is the sad reality of modern Russia ...

Highly qualified personnel including pilots have to pay a decent salary, I was an ex-sailor and earned several times less than sailors in other fleets. Everyone's business in which country to work for him. We should be proud of our sufficiency, and not only that we will show everyone the kuz'kina mother, I fully support the pilots who are leaving to work abroad. On their example can our poor business owners think that those who make money for them also want to live, not exist.