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Aeroflot Airlines entered the TOP-20 largest carriers of the world

Aeroflot has become one of the twenty largest carriers in the world.

As part of the research, Airline Business found that Aeroflot, the largest air carrier on the territory of the Russian Federation, was able to return to the TOP-20 of the world's largest companies, taking 2016 as its year-end, 18. The current achievement for the Russian airline is very important, as it points to the fact that the air carrier is increasing its basic performance indicators.

Experts believe that, with the current development of the airline, Aeroflot will be able to get to the TOP-15 largest carriers of the world by the time of 2020, however, getting into the "top ten" of the best, to date, is very difficult to forecast.

Still, on a needle from the state our Aeroflot! The government needs a prestigious company!