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The airline "Aeroflot" is forced to start up part of the aircraft for spare parts

The largest airline in Russia will begin to write off its aircraft due to a lack of spare parts.

Due to sanctions imposed by Western countries on the supply of spare parts for aircraft operated by Russian air carriers, Aeroflot will be forced to write off some of its aircraft, putting them into spare parts. According to Bloomberg, the situation for the Russian air carrier is critical - the airline will have enough spare parts for a maximum of three months.

“Over the past two decades, Aeroflot has managed to transform itself from a communist-era service system into an award-winning international carrier operating one of the world's youngest fleets. The airline now faces a future very similar to its Soviet past and, as its Boeing Co. and Airbus SE cut off from parts and service, it is shifting its focus to domestic flights and locally built aircraft due to the impact of unprecedented economic sanctions. The vast majority of the group's more than 350 aircraft are either Airbus or Boeing models, and the company is facing a looming parts shortage. According to IBA aviation data specialists, Russian airlines have enough stocks for three months, after which they can start dismantling aircraft for parts., - informs "Bloomberg".

It is noted that representatives of the Russian air carrier did not make any comments on this matter, however, without spare parts and accessories, some of the aircraft will most likely really have to be used as donors.