Air company "Aurora" opens a new flight to the Far East.


Air company "Aurora" opens a new flight to the Far East.

November 17 2013. Airline "Aurora" delivered the first passengers to Magadan from Vladivostok by Airbus aircraft. The company was created on the basis of two already existing - "Vladivostok Air"and" Sakhalin airways. "In the near future they are going to operate flights in 130 directions.

Tickets for the flight remains unchanged. Flight schedules approved only in November.

Residents have long waited for any changes that would affect the frequency of flights (domestic and international). However, for residents of Shakhtyorsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and the Kuril Islands, no changes occurred except for comfortable flights that are performed on Airbus A-319.

By next year, the airline plans to join the fleet with new aircraft Airbus and Boeing, which will increase the number of traffic and will guarantee the performance of all scheduled flights.

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