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Aurora Airlines will fly to the Kuril Islands on Boeing 737

The airline "Aurora" intends to start flying to the Kuriles on passenger airliners Boeing 737.

The aviation resource notes that a few days ago, the Russian air carrier "Aurora"Carried out its first flight to the island of Iturup, while earlier flights on jet airliners Boeing 737 were not made in this direction, but, despite the fact that the flight was test and there were no passengers on board, the management of the airline operator is confident that air communication with the Kuril Islands on large passenger planes will obviously pay off, although we will talk about some passenger traffic and the percentage of liner loading are very early.

At the moment, air communication with the Kuriles is carried out on passenger aircraft Bombardier DHC-8-300, The capacity of which is 50 people. It is assumed that with the transition to the operation of Boeing-737 airliners, it will be possible not only to improve the quality of air transportation, but also to attract additional passengers, although it is possible that the number of flights that can be made can be reduced.


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