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Avrora Airlines introduces a third weekly flight from Primorye to Khabarovsk

Russian air carrier "Aurora"Introduces an additional flight on the route Kavalerovo - Khabarovsk.

A third weekly flight will be shown in the schedule of the domestic airline already today, and, as it became known resource, this is due mainly to the large number of passengers on the current direction, which is why it is possible that in the near future flights from Kavalerovo to Khabarovsk can become daily, but no official comments on this matter has not yet been reported.

Flights between Primorye and Khabarovsk are carried in passenger planes DHC-6 TwinOtterAt the same time, according to experts, almost every time the aircraft are loaded by 80-90%, which in turn emphasizes the need to develop the current and similar directions, which is currently being actively worked out by this, and a number of other air carriers.


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