Emirates airline lost luggage of Russian passengers

An incident occurred in Domodedovo with the luggage of passengers on a Dubai-Moscow flight operated by Emirates airline. Around 200 passengers experienced a XNUMX-hour delay due to bad weather conditions in Dubai and found their suitcases lost on arrival in Moscow. One of the injured passengers, Maria, spoke about this in an interview with local media.

According to her, after a long wait for departure at Dubai airport, a new unpleasant surprise awaited tourists already at home. In the baggage claim area at Domodedovo, passengers were informed that their belongings were missing. Now travelers are forced to waste time filling out applications to search for their suitcases. The search procedure takes a long time, and many of them have already been waiting for their turn to submit an application for more than three hours.

Airport employees were unable to provide specific information about the reasons for the loss of luggage; they only noted that the airline was responsible for its safety. Some passengers, however, were able to retrieve some of their belongings.


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