Finnair refused to carry passengers with Russian passports

The Finnish air carrier refused to transport passengers presenting a Russian passport.

Finnair has completely refused to provide passenger air transportation services to citizens of the Russian Federation. It is known that you can buy air tickets for the flights of the Finnish company, however, when boarding a flight, citizens with Russian passports are simply not allowed on board the aircraft. Finnair spokeswoman Sivu Aaltonen confirmed this fact, noting that the actions are targeted.

To date, dozens of citizens of the Russian Federation have already faced the problem of the Finnish air carrier. At the same time, the airline stressed that they are aware of this situation, but do not plan to take any action, as they are guided by the actions of the border service.

At the moment, there are no official comments on this matter, however, the situation indicates the fact that it was created artificially, since Russian citizens are not prohibited from purchasing air tickets for the flights of the Finnish carrier, while services are simply not provided.

Representatives of the Finnish border service have not yet commented on such data.


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