The airline Nordavia


Airline "Nordavia" will change its name to "Smartavia"

Carrier "Nordavia" will change its name.

The day before, the management of the portal received information that a new air carrier called Smartavia may appear in Russia, however, this morning there was clarified information that, in fact, the air carrier Nordavia plans to simply change its name.

Experts believe that the change of name of the air carrier is mainly due to the fact that the operator has acquired two passenger airliner Airbus A320, which are equipped with the latest technology, which in turn will ensure the future customers of airlines better service flights, however, it is important to take into account the fact that official comments on the matter from the management of "Nordavia" has not yet been reported.

Again the world are buying up the trash! Names can be changed at least daily, the quality of work is not changed!

Already reported on the official website in the VC

The first name was "so-so", and only the last .... in general, "squalor".



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