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Orenburg Airlines will refuse to use Boeing 777

Airline "Orenburg Airlines" intends to decommission airliners Boeing 777.

According to the available information resource, the decommissioning of these passenger planes is mainly due to the inefficiency of their use - in particular, according to some reports, aircraft can not be fully loaded by passengers, while for servicing these aircraft large cash.

Previously it was assumed that due to the decommissioning of the Boeing 777 aircraft, the Orenburg Airlines air carrier would fire most of its staff, however, this information was later officially refuted - the flight and auxiliary crews would be transferred to other aircraft, and to the airline employees, who will not be able to get a job, will be offered to transfer to another division of Aeroflot Group of Companies.

Experts do not rule out that the optimization activities of the Russian airline will increase the airline's efficiency.


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