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Orenburg Airlines will be able to service Boeing 737 aircraft itself

The airline "Orenburg Airlines" has received permission for independent maintenance of Boeing aircraft.

According to the issued EASA certificate, the Russian airline will be able to independently carry out complex repairs on its passenger airliners. Boeing 737, Which in turn will reduce a significant, part of the airline's expenses for attracting other specialists. Among other things, it is expected that the maintenance and repair of aircraft will allow the air carrier to further extend the operation of such a certificate to other passenger airliners, including aircraft Airbus A320Which are available in the carrier's fleet in large quantities.

According to information provided by the information portal, not all domestic airlines have the right to conduct independent maintenance and repair of passenger aircraft - we are more likely talking about units, and given the fact that Orenburg Airlines has joined this list, you can it is safe to say that the aircraft operator is highly qualified, which generally improves the carrier’s rating.


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